Road Haulage

Our road haulage fleet enables various options to meet your transportation requirements, including a 26T Hiab lorry with ‘Cheese wedge’, Beaver tail and Winch, an Articulated Lorry with a Curtain side, Sloping flat, Low-loader Trailer or a Log Trailer.

Off Road Transportation

Hagglunds BV206

A tracked, articulated, all-terrain vehicle. The vehicle consists of a front and rear unit with four tracks providing outstanding traction and excellent all terrain capabilities. The rear units are interchangeable to include Flatbeds, Drop sides, 3-way tipper, Hiab, Flood Rescue, Welfare Unit, and The Personnel Carrier, which carries up to 17 people (6 in the front unit and 11 in the rear unit). An additional trailer unit can be attached for further adaption.

Click here to see a video of our BV206s
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