Glynde Reach Case Study

Problem – The client required us to inspect & replace original holding down bolts, on a bridge over The River Glynde. The bolts were 2 feet beneath the silt & had to be excavated at low tide, impossible for a mini-digger to get to the site, The River has a 5m high flood protection bank, and the silt was so soft that you could not stand on it without sinking. Nearest road access was 1.2km away.

Solution – We off-loaded our Truxor at the road & drove it through the field access to get to the flood protection bank, climbed over this & down into the river as the tide was going out. The Truxor paddled down the river to the bridge & once the water was low enough, was able to start the excavation, plastic ground mats were used to allow the men to work on the silt, these were transported on the Truxor. Once works were completed & backfilled, the Truxor paddled back to a suitable location, climbed up the river embankment & flood bank & back to the road. This was the only machine that would have been able to do this job.