Railway Embankment Repairs

We carry out repairs to existing embankments that have slipped or are failing. The repair methods include construction of gabion walls, sheet pile walls, and king post walls with timber or concrete infills. BBK have carried out a number of Emergency embankment repairs, and combined with our Hagglunds BV206’s enables us to gain access across all terrains.

Rail Surveying and Track Monitoring

We provide a comprehensive range of railway surveying, measurement and inspection solutions offering two types of surveying systems, being PTST (Portable Surveying System Trolley) and Amberg trolley. Using our PTST we can measure Cant, Gauge, Versine, and Twist at 50mm intervals at walking pace. The Amberg trolley enables us to provide a co-ordinated track survey, with laser offset measurements. With over 15 years of Track Monitoring experience all work is carried out in accordance to Network Rail standards, NR-BS-LI-045(Issue 3).

Bridge and Culvert Repairs

We have carried out many Bridge and Culvert repairs using various techniques and methods to provide a high quality durable and robust asset, including tie bars, stitching, breaking out and replacing brickwork. Our Truxor can remove fallen trees and branches obstructing culverts and head walls. BBK can supply and install ‘Key Clamp’ Handrail and have great experience in installing over tunnel mouths, head walls, railway bridges, viaducts, and gabion baskets.

Scour Protection

BBK have carried out numerous scour protection contracts primarily for Network Rail including Gabion Walls, Reno Mattresses, Grout Mattresses and Rock Armour.